Our Story

I fall in love with cities the way most people fall in love with romantic partners. As a double Sagittarius, the call of the open road is always whispering in my ear. Where mishaps feel like fun challenges and adventure is my compass, I found myself backpacking through India. Beautiful, intense Mother India, seeped in history and spirituality, I fell in love with the people, the culture, and the craft. There, spirituality and ‘puja’ (ceremony) are woven into the mundane of daily tasks, giving meaning to life and work.
In a world of mass production, artisans in India still make many things by hand, skills passed down from generation to generation. From hand spun fabric to hand printed designs, to work with these talented crafts people is any designer’s dream.
Nowadays you will find me running barefoot around the factory, jumping into rickshaws around Jaipur and Delhi, and drinking loads of chai. 
After many challenges and some heartbreak, I found my people. Now, I work directly with block printers in Jaipur and produce in a boutique factory in Delhi that shares my values of honoring craft and the artisans who create it.
I hope to share this passion for craft and sustainability and bring meaning back to the pieces we wear.
To bring reverence and ceremony back to the simple art of dressing ourselves with effortless pieces that inspire your personal style.