Our Mission

This is for all the wanderers, the rebels, and the lovers out there...
that seek adventure and new experiences.
The wild ones....
who always have a bag packed and passport ready.
For the free spirits....
who make life about meaning and experience.
For the creatives....
who do it with style.
From an ancient land with a rich history of craft and cloth, we travel to bring you clothing to inspire and invite you to rediscover the beauty and ceremony around the art of dress.
In a world of mass produced goods we bring you purposeful design.
Bringing ancient craft to the modern woman.
For those special pieces in our closets that seem made exactly for us. For the garments we fold with extra attention, care for with love, where every seam is made with intention….for clothes that last longer than a season.
Thoughtful design with you in mind. 
 To all the women who live for love and travel, this was made for you.